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David L Graham is a songwriter/lyricist/plugger/publisher that works with music supervisors as well as other publishers in the film/tv music area.
David has over 250 film/tv music placements as a songwriter and/or publisher. Currently, he's pitching, songwriting, and co-writing two screenplays.

He has had songs on television and film. Television..Vampire Diaries, Breaking Bad, One Tree Hill, King of the Hill, Made on MTV, Best Damn Sports Show, Flipping Out, Auction Kings, The Nate Berkus Show, My Name Is Earl, My Redneck Wedding, Pitbulls and Parolees, Meterorite Men, Modern Marvels, Debt, Death of a Cheerleader, Beauty's Revenge, ESPY Awards,The Matthew Shepard Story, Robin's Hoods, TNT's Saving Grace, Samantha Who? on ABC, Knievel's Wild Ride, and Witchblade the DVD. Songs in the films Promised Land, Straw Dogs, and Old Fashioned, Back to Even, The Crucible, The Nail, Born To Ride, The Great American Dream, and WrestleManiac. Artist releases have included releases by The Cucumbers, Sackcloth and Ashes, The Livesays, Loomis, RockDownBaby, Slow Ride, Charis, Candi Staton, Deena, Mark Kaufman, Joe Wiseman, Craig Winquist, Dan McVeigh, Janice Gilbert, South 85, extinction of the new dinosaurs, and The Clarence Clemons Band. Currently, David of McTown is writing and pitching songs with many artists and writers in different genres...with publishing agreements in NY, L.A., and Nashville. He currently works songs with his own publishing company as well.. McTown Music, ascap/ Songs of McTown, bmi. Always interested in collaborating. David


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