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The entertainment industry has shaped who we are, so we’ve never had to shift gears or change focus. Tennessee ranks first among all U.S. States for its concentration of musicians, singers, music directors and publishers. More than 6,725 talented Tennesseans are employed in the recording industry at nearly 1,100 businesses. With that extraordinary talent base per capita, we aim to provide you with a pipeline of incentives that runs straight from us to you.

As long as you’re spending a minimum of $50,000 in primary markets or $25,000 in secondary markets, The Tennessee Entertainment Commission Scoring Incentive Program offers a grant up to 25% on Qualified Tennessee Expenditures to companies producing original scores for film, television, animation, commercials, gaming and multi-media projects within Tennessee.

Incentive  25%
Type of Incentive  Grant
Refundable / Transferable / Carryforward Yes / No / NA
Minimum Spend $50,000 Primary Markets
$25,000 Secondary Markets
Caps $500,000 cap on rebate per company/per year
Qualified Labor  1st $50,000 of Each Resident
Qualified Vendor Expenses  25% Qualified TN Vendors
Loan out Withholding / Registration No / Yes 
Screen Credit Required Yes
Audit Requirement Yes
$250,000+ requires CPA review
Under $250,000 require TNECD review
Sunset Date None

Please refer to the Scoring Incentives Guidelines for a full overview of the Incentives offered.

Qualified Expenditures 

Qualified expenditures are costs directly related to the scoring project and include studio rental fees and associated fixed costs; artist and musician salaries; mixing and mastering; instrument and equipment rentals.

Qualified expenditures include payments made for goods or services used in Tennessee in connection with a qualified project. The goods or services must be purchased from a Tennessee vendor or paid to a Tennessee resident for a qualified project. Eligible spend is limited to the first $50,000 in gross wages, salaries, fees, per diem and fringe benefits paid to a Tennessee resident. Any expenditure incurred before the “Effective Date” is contractually assigned and fully executed will not qualify.

Please reference Appendix B of the (“TEC”) Scoring Incentive Guidelines for a full list of eligible and ineligible expenditures.

Funding for the program is subject to annual appropriations by the State Legislature.



In-state housing expenses, living allowances and per diems related to scoring projects in Tennessee are paid to Tennessee residents and non-residents.


Travel expenses are eligible for reimbursement when purchased through a Tennessee vendor.

Forms and Applications

Prior to production, please review the TEC Scoring Incentive Guidelines, forms & applications available for download.

Download The Scoring Incentives Guidelines

Download Appendix B – Qualifying Expenditures

Download Appendix F – Sample Test Section Table

Download Form A – Scoring Registration CCE

Download Form A Annex 1 – TEC Scoring Application

Download Form C – Scoring Final Application

Download Form D – Scoring Additional Reservation of Funds

Download the Scored in TN Logos and Brand Guidelines

Download W9 Form

Download Grant Pre-Reimbursement Form

Please submit all required forms and applications, including all form and application attachments, electronically to To learn more, call (615) 741.3456.



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