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There’s a reason musicians write so many songs about us. It’s the same reason we’re home to the world’s most iconic entertainment brands. In Tennessee, we’re not just committed to music and entertainment – we are music and entertainment.

Working Here

Why bring your business to Tennessee? Because we're home to Music City, USA and Soulville, USA – the top cities in the nation for the music and entertainment industries.

More than a quarter of the country’s music publishers are located in Tennessee. In Nashville alone, 7.8 per 1000 jobs are in the music industry cluster. Compare that to 2.8 in New York, 2.6 in Austin and 2.0 in Los Angeles. See where this is going?

Our Advantages


When you’re home to the legendary Memphis blues and soul scene, and Music City USA, you must be doing something right. Nashville alone is home to more than 80 record labels, 130 music publishers and 180 recording studios.

Instead of a road lined with red tape, Tennessee has a pipeline of business incentives – including our innovative FastTrack funding program – that runs straight from us to you. Big or small, back-end or front-end, the stage is set for you in Tennessee.

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Tennessee has an incredible network of musicians, singers, composers and sound engineers who are ready to take your business wherever it needs to go.

If you have questions, we have answers. Check out our resources, and come and jam where the music’s already playing.

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