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We aren’t just drumming up sweet ideas, we’ve got the grit, ambition and beat to back them up. Tennessee’s infrastructure supports the growing talent pool of singer, songwriter, musicians, composers, engineers and producers sweeping the south. With ample concert venues, museums, theaters, parks and other trendy or scenic spaces, Tennessee creatives don’t have to search far to find inspiration.


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Music Industries Contribution to the state GDP


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in the nation for total workforce size in the music industry

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Home to the music capital of the USA, Tennessee is the largest employer of members of the music industry and has the largest workforce concentration in music publishing, record production and distribution

With innovative, fine-tuned resources and infrastructure spanning across the state, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that legends including BB King, Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Isaac Haynes and Three 6 Mafia rose to prominence while working in Tennessee.

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When you’re home to the legendary Memphis blues and soul scene, and Music City USA, you must be doing something right. Nashville alone is home to more than 80 record labels, 130 music publishers and 180 recording studios.

Instead of a road lined with red tape, Tennessee has a pipeline of business incentives – including our innovative FastTrack funding program – that runs straight from us to you. Big or small, back-end or front-end, the stage is set for you in Tennessee.

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