Gear Seven Looking for an Assistant Editor

Posted on: Monday - Aug 29, 2022

Gear Seven is looking for an Assistant Editor to join their team and help serve their growing client base with an expanding emphasis on post production!

The Assistant Editor will be responsible for organizing and backing up all footage for Gear Seven productions, setting up editing project files and pulling selects for contracted editors, and editing together short form socials / marketing driven content. This position will work closely with their technical director, colorist, creative director, and marketing coordinator on a variety of different projects. This is a retainer / contract position that will initially total 25 hrs / week. This intention will be to grow this position into full time as the Assistant Editor is able to take on a more diverse array of editing projects.

Requirements: Advanced skills in Davinci Resolve and Premiere Pro editing systems

Responsibilities: Organize and back up all footage from all Gear Seven Productions; Set up editing projects files and pull selects for contracted editors; Edit together short form marketing and socials content; Pull any selects meant for Filmsupply, a footage licensing platform;Work with colorist on final deliverables; and follow consistent organizational folder structures to ensure ease of future access / accessibility.

  • IT/Networking skills a plus

Must send portfolio / edit examples to